The Family Birthplace

The birth of your baby is one of life's most treasured moments. That is why we created the Memorial Family Birthplace, a special place for you, your baby and every member of your family. We put moms and babies as our priority, working with you throughout your labor to keep you comfortable, safe and empowered. 

Our team is here to help you welcome your little one with comprehensive labor and delivery care, online classes and support, breastfeeding and lactation services, high-quality maternity services to help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy, as well as international maternity services for pregnant moms living abroad.

Our staff has specialized training and vast experience caring for women with high-risk pregnancies, and our partnership with Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital ensures that if needed, you will have experts in neonatal care at your side.

Memorial Family Birthplace welcomes the most babies in Broward County each year. We are constantly making improvements to meet the wishes and needs of our laboring mothers, like offering a labor walking path to help bring on contractions, aromatherapy to help manage pain, Comfortable Upright Birth (CUB) chairs, peanut balls to help open the pelvis, and more.

Our goal is to have your little one’s birth be safe, smooth, memorable and filled with joy.

Family Birthplace Locations

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COVID-19 Updates

Learn how Memorial is working to keep you and your families safe during your visit to the hospital. Childbirth During COVID19.

Other resources:

Online Education

Online Birthing Classes and Hospital Orientation

In order to keep you safe, our baby classes are now taught online by Memorial Family Birthplace educators. A limited number of classes are currently available, and most will be added to Eventbrite in the future. We hope you can join us.

Online Classes and Orientation

You may register for any class, regardless of which Family Birthplace location you choose for the birth of your baby.­ Some of these classes are also offered in Spanish/ Ciertas clases también se ofrecen en español.

Why Choose Us for Your Pregnancy and Birth Experience?

Our three birthing facilities offer private birthing suites and comfortable postpartum rooms for you to bond with your baby. We invite our moms-to-be to take a virtual tour of each of the Memorial Family Birthplace locations to help visualize our warm, inviting birthing environment – perfect for welcoming your little one. And if your baby needs specialized care following birth, our Family Birthplace locations offer Level II or Level III NICUs.

Breastfeeding Classes, Support Group and Lactation Services

Each of our Memorial Family Birthplace locations offers on-site, board-certified lactation consultants to help you start your breastfeeding journey. Our consultants and labor and delivery nurses are have extensive experience in counseling breastfeeding mothers to help your little one latch immediately following birth. New mothers can learn how to breastfeed successfully and how breastfeeding benefits their babies. Breastfeeding classes, educational materials, in-hospital support and breast pump available while you are at the hospital.

  • Memorial Regional Hospital Lactation Department: 954-265-4078
  • Memorial Hospital West Lactation Department: 954-844-9908
  • Memorial Hospital Miramar Lactation Department: 954-538-5181
  • Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital NICU Lactation Department: 954-265-7867 | 954-265-8282

Register for Online Breastfeeding Class

New Mother's Breastfeeding Support Group

This virtual group is for moms who are currently breastfeeding, it encourages and supports through peers and an experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® hosts the group.

Register for Post-Labor Online Breastfeeding Support Group

High-Risk Pregnancy Care for Mom and Baby

Memorial offers dedicated high-risk care from our Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists. If you or your little one need extra monitoring throughout pregnancy, we have an antepartum unit for specialized high-risk pregnancy care.

Learn more about high-risk pregnancy care.

International Maternity Services

Our maternity care team is committed to providing quality care for our international families. We proudly offer bilingual physicians and nurses to care for you and your little one during your stay at the Memorial Family Birthplace. We also offer classes and a virtual tour in Spanish.

Learn more about international maternity services.

Labor and Delivery

From those first contractions to the moment you are holding your baby in your arms, our Memorial labor and delivery team provides skilled, compassionate care to our laboring moms. We’re here to support, encourage and make you as comfortable as possible during your labor and delivery.

Learn more about labor and delivery services.

Postpartum Care

Private postpartum suites and dedicated postpartum care are available for you and your baby. We’re here to help you rest, recover and bond with your little one.

Learn more about postpartum care.

Maternal Addiction

If you're pregnant and addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, our Mothers in Recovery (MIR) program may be able to help. Our maternal addiction program is designed to help mother and baby safely withdraw from substances and support mom in meeting her recovery goals.

Learn more about the Mother's in Recovery program.

Memorial Web Nursery

Friends and family can view photos of your new arrival online. For your security, you will be given a personal identity code that you can share with friends and family. This code can be used to log into Mom365:

Hospital Birth Cost

We want to give you the information you need to make healthcare decisions, including the costs of labor and delivery.

OB Emergency Department

Our dedicated Obstetrical Emergency Departments have a board-certified OB/GYN hospitalist, 24 hours a day/7 days a week at each location. The hospitalist works with primary care OB/GYNs to provide immediate care and make decisions regarding hospital admissions and follow-up plans.

Our Commitment to Positive Outcomes

The three Memorial Family Birthplace locations are committed to patient satisfaction, quality, safety and positive outcomes. Our goal is to help you welcome your baby in the safest way possible. We are proud to be the leader in Broward County births, delivering more than 50% of all babies in the county.

Number of Babies Delivered

We deliver more than half of the babies in Broward County.

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See more quality and safety data for the Family Birthplace.