Patient Navigator Team

Valencia Daniels-Delaughter, RN

Valencia Daniels-Delaughter, RN – Gastrointestinal Cancer

Valencia Daniels-Delaughter is a registered nurse who joined Memorial Cancer Institute in 2016. She has many years of experience in the field of nursing, including transplant, emergency room, intensive care, medical-surgical and gastrointestinal nursing. She developed an interest in patient and family navigation after working with a GI physician whose specialty included patients with pancreatic cancer. She has had close relatives face cancer and knows the importance of having a guide along the way.  Her goal as a navigator is to provide personalized care for all of her patients in the same way her family was cared for by their navigator.

Carolina Figueredo

Carolina Figueredo, RN, MSN – Breast Cancer Program

Carolina Figueredo joined Memorial Cancer Institute in 2015 and has 16 years of experience in the field of nursing, including nursing education, neurosurgery, surgical-oncology, medical-surgical and pediatric nursing. She has worked with newly diagnosed cancer patients for two years. Carolina developed an interest in nurse navigation after taking care of oncology patients as a spine nurse specialist, having relatives affected by cancer, and working closely with the Mystic Force Foundation to help children with cancer. She holds a Baccalaureate in the Science of Nursing and Master’s degree in Nursing Education from the University of Miami. In 2010, she received the university’s Academic and Clinic Excellence Award for Nursing Education. Her goal as a nurse navigator is to provide personalized care for all of her patients in the same way her family was cared for by their navigator.

Jeanette Lewis

Jeanette Lewis, RN, BSN, OCN – Benign Hematology 

Jeanette Lewis is an oncology-certificated RN who earned her nursing degrees from the University of Swansea in the United Kingdom, graduating with honors in 2001. She worked as an endoscopy and cardiac nurse at Morriston Hospital in the UK until relocating to South Florida in 2005. Before joining Memorial Cancer Institute, she served as an oncology nurse at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables and Advanced Medical Specialties in Miami. Jeanette was nominated for Nurse of the Year in 2009 and 2010 and received the Florence Nightingale Award in 2010.

Breast Cancer Navigator_Martinez

Michelle C. Martinez RN, BSN, ONS, Breast Cancer Program

Michelle Martinez is a Registered Nurse who joined Memorial Healthcare System in 2015. She started her nursing career on the Medical-Surgical/Oncology unit at Memorial Regional Hospital. In this role, she administered chemotherapy and cared for many patients with an array of cancer diagnoses that included head & neck, pancreatic, prostate, gastrointestinal, liver, lung, ovarian and breast. In 2019, she became a patient and family oncology breast surgical navigator. She has a passion for working with oncology patients and always makes it her goal to deliver quality care. Michelle's goal as a navigator is to continue delivering compassionate care while guiding patients and families through their breast cancer journey.

Leonard McKhan

Leonard McKhan, MSW –  Hematologic Malignancies and Bone Marrow Transplant

Leonard Mckhan helps guide patients and families through the journey of blood-related cancers from treatment to recovery. He earned a Master's in Social Work from Barry University in 2006 and joined Memorial Healthcare System as an inpatient oncology social worker before transitioning to outpatient care. Leonard received a Shining Star Award in 2013 after nomination by his peers. He is a member of the Florida Society of Oncology Social Workers and Broward County Medical Reserve Board. At Memorial, he has facilitated a support group for men diagnosed with prostate cancer and is a member of Speaker's Bureau. Leonard takes pride in his role as a navigator and is a caregiver at heart.

Mihaela Roldan, RN, BSN

Mihaela Roldan, RN, BSN – Lung and Head/Neck Cancers

Mihaela Roldan is a registered nurse who joined Memorial Healthcare System in 2015 as a Research Specialist in Oncology. She has worked as a research coordinator for five years and became a patient and family navigator in 2017.  She is passionate about caring for patients and their families to help them cope with the challenges that come about after a cancer diagnosis. She participates in community outreach events to increase cancer awareness and promote early detection.

Susan Rothenberg

Susan Rothenberg, RN, BSN, OCN – Genitourinary, Gynecological, and Unknown Primary Cancers 

Susan Rothenberg is an Oncology certified nurse who earned her BSN from Florida State University. Oncology has always been her first love and most of her nursing career has been serving the adult population with cancer diagnoses. For more than 20 years she supervised an outpatient chemotherapy suite but has had experience in other aspects of cancer care as well. She has done oncology research as a certified coordinator and has had experience with high tech home care as well. She knows well the issues patients face with their diagnoses as both of her parents experienced cancer and she is a survivor herself. She is dedicated to providing patients with encouragement and the resources they need during their cancer journey.