Hernia Surgery

We offer comprehensive care to diagnose and repair all types of hernias, including complex hernias, revision hernia surgery and abdominal wall reconstruction.

Memorial Healthcare System surgeons specialize in hernia surgery and perform a variety of procedures to repair hernias. We have experience with basic hernia repair and complex hernia cases, including revision surgery after a previous hernia surgery fails. 

SRC Surgeon of Excellence in Hernia Surgery sealSRC Center of Excellence in Hernia Surgery sealMemorial Hospital Pembroke is accredited as a Center of Excellence in Hernia Surgery by Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) setting a standard of excellence in patient care and safety.

What is a Hernia?

A hernia happens when an organ or other body part pushes through a weak section of muscle or tissue. It can occur in several different places in your body.

A hernia cannot heal on its own, so surgery is the only way to repair it. You should have surgery as soon as possible after a hernia develops to improve your chances of a successful recovery. Learn more about the types of hernias we treat.

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

You might need abdominal wall reconstruction if you have a large hernia that surgeons cannot correct with other surgery methods. You may also need it after multiple abdominal surgeries, which can weaken the abdominal wall and increase hernia risk.

Our experienced surgeons can do abdominal wall reconstruction as an open surgery or a minimally invasive procedure. We perform many abdominal wall reconstructions each year and have extensive experience with these complex procedures.

Hernia Repair Surgery Options at Memorial Healthcare System

laparoscopic hernia surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery

Hernia surgery with long tools inserted through small incisions. This advanced minimally invasive surgery offers faster recovery and less scarring than traditional surgery.

robotic hernia surgery
Robotic Surgery

Minimally invasive hernia surgery using a console with tools connected to a robotic arm. Your surgeon controls the robotic arm movements to fix the hernia.

traditional hernia surgery
Traditional Surgery

Surgery to repair a hernia through an incision in your body.

Hernia Surgery: Why Choose Memorial Healthcare System?

About half of all hernia surgeries in the U.S. are done as traditional (open) surgeries. At Memorial Healthcare System we do the majority of surgeries as minimally invasive procedures. This approach minimizes the time you spend in the hospital or recovering at home after surgery.

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