Total Joint Replacement Recovery Program

Whether you have total joint replacement surgery on your hip, knee, or shoulder, you will want to return to your active and pain-free lifestyle as soon as possible. Our team of clinical exercise physiologists can create an individualized exercise plan to get you back to the activities you once enjoyed.

therapist monitoring man walking on treadmill

Your recovery is unique to you. Our professional team will help you progress at a pace that matches your abilities and goals. A series of specifically designed exercises and activities will help reduce your pain, improve your range of motion, strengthen muscles and build stamina. We monitor your progress and mobility levels as you move through specific exercises and machines. As you progress, we regularly adjust your exercise plan to ensure you reach your goals and return to a pain-free and independent lifestyle.

You can choose to attend small group exercise training or an individualized coaching program.

Small Group Medical Exercise Training

  • Individualized exercise programming in a small group setting
  • Inclusive, encouraging atmosphere among supportive peers
  • One-hour sessions, two or three days a week, with flexible days and times

woman on treadmill with therapist


Medical Exercise Training

  • 8 sessions = $198
  • 12 sessions = $264
  • 24 sessions = $476*
  • 36 sessions = $634*

*Ask us about our payment plans for 24 or 36 sessions.

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